Monday, 19 November 2012

Ghost Ship - Expansion

Of my three ideas, one seems to resonate the most with a lot of people - the Ghost Ship. Considering this, I decided to expand on the idea and look further into what the project would be focused on.

If I was to pursue the Ghost Ship idea, I would have to first decide on what time of ship to base the ghost ship off. Initially I was stuck between a modern era ship and a old galleon, but at the time I decided to pursue the Galleon since I was planning on doing a modern ship for another idea. If I was to pursue the Ghost Ship, that wouldn't be a concern.

Secondly comes the location, which I've not yet settled on. I was drawn towards the jagged, rocky cliffs at first, and still am, but I should experiment with different locales just to make sure I'm not missing out on a potentially awesome looking environment to contain the ship in.

Here's something spooky. I looked at the 2002 film Ghost Ship when considering a modern vessel for this idea. I've just read that the film is loosely based off the tale of the Andrea Doria, the last major disaster involving an ocean liner. And for my Shipwreck idea, I was inspired by the Tomb Raider II level "Wreck of the Maria Doria" -- which was based off.. the Andrea Doria. Spooky.

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