Monday, 11 February 2013

Environment Sketches - Rock Islands

Thanks to the reference I gathered earlier, I was able to confidently sketch up some different rock formations and clusters for the environment. My main focus was to create sharp, jagged rocks, that carried forward the "lost world" theme I intended for the surrounding environment. 

I experimented with the sketches I had created - merging, flipping and cutting away pieces to quickly generate variations. It was a very handy process that allowed me to take my work and use it to create more experimental shapes and forms, such as the very last image.


  1. Yo Robbie,

    You might find this thread useful. He goes over how he modulated his rocks and sutf. Plus he has a really solid outcome :D

  2. Ahhhh pooo....sorry lol

    I must've not sent it, sorry, hope you find it helpful :D