Thursday, 28 February 2013

Expanded Whitebox

I decided to rework and expand upon my white box for two reasons; to create a base for some concept work, and so I could better preview the final level. Through this reworking I've drastically altered the scale of  areas and the height, meaning everything should now feel roughly the right size. In addition, I've repositioned some elements to better fit both a new layout and a more believable layout.

Currently, the segment connecting the Grand Hall and the segment connecting to the Bridge deck are bugging  me, as they feel too incidental and not like they're part of the ship. Part of my task tomorrow will be reworking these to make them feel like they are part of the ship rather than a connecting piece in a game level.

(Note, I took a wall out for the render.)

You may have noticed that the Grand Hall has changed. I had an epiphany regarding this area. To do the idea justice, I'd have to do a truly grand hall, with a big staircase and curves everywhere, but this would take a lot of time to do well. So, in the interest of progress, I swapped it out for a similar and more achievable room. This was inspired by a room in Ghost Ship that was a dining room with space for a playing band; 

So hopefully this replacement will still carry the grand feel. It's sharing the same visual aesthetic as before so I've lost nothing but a whole load of stress and worry about getting the area to work.

The bridge is pretty straightforward and will be overlooking the deck, for a sort of groovy view of the storm. In comparison to the rest of the ship, which will feel almost pretentious in it's grandeur, the bridge will feel cold and functional. It's not there to impress, it's there to work. 

The Captain's Quarters weren't originally planned, but they snuck in and have remained since. I've worked them in some way or another in every layout. I just like them, it'll be nice to do a small little room with plenty of story hints. 

Gonna do some paint-overs of these areas tomorrow in a similar fashion to the Lounge image I made yesterday, to solidify a theme/colours. After that, I'm going to start planning out my asset sheet.

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