Sunday, 24 February 2013

Finally, a working layout!

This past week I've totally lost momentum. I enjoy the creative side of planning but not the technical side, hence why the layout planning has left me truly stumped. However, I finally settled on something.

The problem was compromising between a believable layout and an interesting one. When two of your rooms are on different sides of the ship, it's hard to connect them without having a labyrinth of corridors confusing the player. I think I found a solution, anyway.

So, the main focuses of the level are, in order;

The Front Deck
The Lounge/Bar
The Grand Hall
Captain's Quarters
and the Bridge

You start on the front deck, and proceed around the side of the ship to enter the Lounge. There'll be a cloth cover overhead, like on the Belfast, flapping about in the breeze. 

You leave the Lounge through a set of double doors, and proceed up the staircase and out into the Grand Hall. 

You go up to the second floor and out the side to leave the Grand Hall, moving across the side of the ship (in the storm!) once more to reach the next deck with the Bridge.

You go into the Captain's Quarters to get the key to the Bridge, and then proceed into the bridge.

...that's essentially how it goes. I tried to think of an interesting way of getting from room to room, one that didn't involve the same thing over and over again. 

Right now, my main concern is making sure that this all lines up, and is the right scale. This layout only uses about half of the ship's full length but that was always the plan. After all, most of a cruise/expedition ship is made up of cabins and other uninteresting spaces.

Here's a rough visualisation of said layout;

Tomorrow I'm going to sketch up some detailed versions of each room to work from, and after that I'm steamrolling straight into modelling the interior. Considering I'm now a week behind I need to start jumping into the production, even if it means I have to concept along the way.

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