Sunday, 3 February 2013

Ghost Ship (2002)

Last night I watched Ghost Ship and grabbed a load of screenies from it. Ignoring the fact that they ruined the mystery in the first five minutes by showing what happened to the crew, it was (visually) pretty much what I was looking for, in terms of inspiration  I've got to remember to thank Craig for recommending and lending me this, as I'd never heard of it before. Bizarre really, since I thought of the Ghost Ship theme before knowing about the 2002 film. 

I especially love the 50's design of the ship. It immediately gives a sense of the ships age, and through that makes the viewer feel like they're looking at a living antique. It makes the ship feel like it doesn't belong, like it's a relic of an older time, which accentuates the desired feeling of "I shouldn't be here."

The vibrant, saturated colours of the original Art Deco inspired designs bleed through past the rusted browns and mossy green, which allows the designer (le me) to inject colour into a scene that would otherwise be dominated by earthy tones. I definitely want to include this style of architecture and furnishing design into the project.

Edit (Spoilers Follow):
I totally forgot to mention. In Ghost Ship it's implied that another group discovered the ship prior to the events of the film. Hints like the finding of a digital watch give way to this mysterious sub-plot, but, predictably, the film totally blows this sub-plot apart by having the entire other crew found dead in the boiler.

It felt like a total missed opportunity. They could've used this other crew as a plot device to slowly reveal the purpose/curse of the titular ship. The whole thing about the cursed gold, greed, and the undertaker collecting souls could've been slowly been revealed as they discovered more about this ill-fate other crew.

Anyway, rambling aside, this inspired me. What if I included some hints of a former, ill-fated discovery? Discarded gear? Dropped personal effects? Maybe. 

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