Monday, 4 February 2013

HMS Belfast

Ben told me about a ship that's docked in London, that's open for visits. It's a warship, granted, but it's still a good source of reference for ship parts and decking. I'm planning on heading down sometime before Saturday, probably Wednesday. Although first I need to know whether or not photography is allowed.

(This is for my own reference when I get home)


  1. I was there last year (March, 2015). The ship is in a real good shape. That in advance. Well, now I will make a statement of my impressions there. I was in the fist turret alone. There was a feeling of not beeing alone.
    I decided to go down into the ship.
    When I was in the medic station there it happens... a feeling of beeing watched. A small tourist group was more astern.
    So already nearly alone.
    The ground begans to turn around, like swimming... coldness reaches me. And I heard a strange voice... "Out" It told me. And what did I do... I ran out onto the ship. But before escaping the scene a saw a man laying on the ground and the ambulance was there. He were threatend with additional air.
    Call me a berk or whatever. But I belive there a still the lost souls of the matelot.

  2. Ups, I`ve forgotten something. I can`t tell if there are photos allowed. But there are no cams and if you where unobserved... try to make pics.

    The HMS Belfast is a Light Cruiser with the following main caracteristics:
    Class and type: Town-class light cruiser
    Displacement: 11,550 tons

    Length: 613 ft 6 in (186.99 m) overall[2]
    Beam: 63 ft 4 in (19.3 m)

    18 ft 3 in (5.56 m) forward
    19 ft 9 in (6.02 m) aft

    Installed power:
    80,000 shp (60,000 kW)

    4 × Admiralty oil-fired 3-drum boilers
    4 × Parsons single reduction geared steam turbines
    Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h)
    Complement: 781–881 (as flagship, 1939)[3]

    12 × 6-inch (152 mm) Mk XXIII guns (4×3)
    12 × 4-inch (102 mm) Mk XVI dual purpose guns (6×2)
    16 × 2-pounder (40 mm) anti-aircraft guns (2×8)
    8 × 0.5-inch (13 mm) AA machine guns (2×4)
    6 × 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes (2×3)

    Main belt: 4.5 inches (114 mm)
    Main turrets: Up to 4 inches (102 mm)
    Decks over magazines: 3 inches (76 mm)
    Decks over machinery: 2 inches (51 mm)
    Bulkheads: 2.5 inches (63.5 mm)[4][5]

    Aircraft carried:
    2 × Supermarine Walrus (disembarked June 1943)[6]

    Aviation facilities:
    2 × hangars
    1 × catapult (removed 1945)[7]
    (Source: Wikipedia)