Sunday, 3 February 2013

More Ship Research

Variety Voyager.

(104m x 341ft)

Sea Dream II.


Aegean Odysee

For reference, the Queen Elizabeth 2 is 293m/963ft in length

In descending size order. This started out as research into smaller ships and, unbeknownst to me, slowly escalated in size. The smaller ships, like the Voyager, are classified as "Mega Yachts", but once you reach the bottom of the list you're back into cruise ship territory (the Aegean is a cruise ship).

Interestingly, both the Aegean and the QE2 I covered last post are small cruise ships. Small. The Aegean can fit into ports most can't, and the QE2 was specifically designed to be smaller and more efficient than regular cruise ships. 

Back on topic though, I've been looking at these ships to get an idea of how big the ship will have to be to still carry that "foreboding" atmosphere. I feel the Voyager isn't big enough, however the Expedition is more along the lines I'm going for.

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