Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin

So I was just doing some research and I stumbled upon this, the Lenin, which is a nuclear-powered Ice Breaker ship. Basically it ploughs through all the ice and clears the way for smaller ships, like merchant and trawler ships. It was the worlds first nuclear powered surface ship.

It's a very bizarre looking ship, internally. It was launched in 1957 so design wise it's a old looking ship.

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  1. She didn't know she was historical. She didn't even know the waters she plowed through were full of ice and extremely cold (colder than fresh water at about 28 degrees fahrenheit--some say it feels like a thousand knives stabbing you if you were unfortunate to be submerged in such waters). She just plowed through and back through again year after year for 30 years, served her country, and was retired with honors as a museum-ship.