Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Re-exploring the Cruise Ship theme

So, yeah, I was doodling up a layout when someone wanders into my room and proclaims, "Hmm, that might look a bit shit. No-one wants to explore a small ship". Well, that sent me into an epiphany. Should I do a larger ship afterall? Really this isn't something I should be considering a few weeks in, but it's got to me regardless. So, to cure the itch, I doodled up some ideas and generally got some interesting thoughts going.

The above mash-up is a quick poke at the idea of setting the whole thing in a stormy environment, which would bring in rainy weather and a dark moody atmosphere. I thought this might gel well with the overall vibe.

I had some thoughts regarding rooms, this time choosing more interesting rooms to pursue, such as the dining hall and observation deck. I also was thinking about having the player leave the interior and venture across the side of the ship in one part of the level.. who knows..

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