Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Lounge & Hall (Concept)

Learning from past experiences, I decided it was the smartest idea to make sure I knew exactly what I wanted to do in each area before I started modelling. On that note, I've begun elaborating on my whitebox, making sure it is the right scale and that everything feels the right size. Already I've begun resizing areas to make them feel more like the size they should - the Lounge has become smaller and the Grand Hall slightly larger. 

Anyway, that's all stuff that will be coming soon enough. Right now I wanted to post a painting/paint-over I did of the Lounge area, trying to think of colours and textures and whatnot. 

I want to do one of these for each area, so that I have a colour picture to look at whenever I'm stuck modelling an area. Like I said before, I need to be ready, I can't just jump into modelling like I've tried to in the past. It'll just end badly.

More to come soon.

Like this!

Just mucking about, trying to settle on colours and what not.

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