Thursday, 21 March 2013

In Progress #8

Today I worked on the side of the ship. I created the side rail (barely visible here, unfortunately) for the ship,  the staircase and platforms for each deck, and the lifeboat cages. 

What's left? I've just got to work on the top of the ship, and then I'll be done with the front segment. Then I'll start modelling the rear segment, which has far less detail for several reasons; it is not visible from the front deck or any of the playable space, and unlike the front of the ship it's not designed for accessability.

An important thing to note here is that every ship I've looked at is different. Most don't even allow passengers to walk along the side of the ship, however this is something I planned to do from the start, so I kept it in. What I'm going for is a mix of, say, the Duke of Lancaster and the SS America, with hints of the MS Expedition.

Not much further to go now until I can start texturing. That's where this'll all finally come to life! :)

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