Tuesday, 16 April 2013

In Progress #12

I've been assembling the first two rooms of the interior these past few days, seen above in unlit mode because I'm having a headache trying to get my lightmaps to work correctly. It's seriously causing me some trauma, I've made sure they're unwrapped with no bleed or overlap, and that the density is good.. but still no dice. 

Getting there though. I just need to stop pissing about with stuff that ultimately doesn't get used, such as all the time I wasted today trying to fix lightmaps. I lost a lot of time last week trying out different unwrap methods for the exterior, which is time I could've been using better.

Got the dining hall all setup for unwrap tomorrow, so that's my job for the morning. I'm shattered right now so I'm going to drink some tea and relax!

Edit: Actually, I should point out that I forgot to unwrap the bar in the lounge. Hence why it looks like poop. That's something I'm gonna have to get around to tomorrow too.

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