Thursday, 18 April 2013

In Progress #13

The core of the exterior is now done and in engine, with tiling textures forming the majority of the diffuse maps. While not visible in the playable area, the rear of the ship is present, so that the ship still retains a form when viewed from cinematic angles. 

I've settled on a night-time lighting setup, with man made lights illuminating the vast majority of the ship. The idea here is that, despite being abandoned, the ship still feels "lived in", which hopefully will add a weird vibe. Also, it helps bright the overall lighting level up, as a dark level isn't fun to explore.

The side of the ship is modelled and playable, you can get to the top floor using the staircase here. Strictly speaking most cruise ships don't have a side that works like this, but it was something I wanted from the start.

The interior geometry is all in now, and is unwrapped. Each area will have unique patterns and colours, but currently they all use the same as I unwrapped each section one after the other, and used the lounge set as reference for the unwrap.

The lounge area, the first interior segment.

This corridor simply connects the lounge to the dining hall.

The dining hall, minus the decorative columns (which I forgot to unwrap, dammit)! This area will soon be full of set tables and fabulous decorations.

On the top floor resides the captain's quarters and the bridge. The bridge is only half unwrapped currently, I underestimated how much there is to unwrap there.

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