Wednesday, 24 April 2013

In Progress #15

I've been trying to bulk out the dining hall lately, adding in some assets like tables and chandeliers. They're all wip textures at the moment, and they're going to be scattered about too. I initially wanted to give the impression that this ship was still set out like nothing had happened, but feedback I've received points more towards some organised chaos. 

The textures in the room have to be swapped out, as it's still using the lounge set. That's tomorrow's job. 

For the curtains at the back of the stage, I used the cloth modifier on a plane, but now how you might think. At first, I tried to be really clever and set up a rig and an animation to simulate the curtain being drawn back, but that didn't work at all. So instead, I made a zig-zaggy plane and went through a series of simulations and whatnot to crease it and ripple it.

The tablecloth was actually made from a circle shaped plane, instead of a square one. I tried a simple square plane at first, but it left some nasty jagged corners, so I tried a circle and it worked. I used Max's cloth modifier to get the plane to fold around the table. I might revisit it and redo the cloth, as I feel it looks a little bit like a pastry right now! :P 

I first tried modelling the shiny beads of the chandelier as very simple spheres, but even at about 8 triangles a bead they still came in a little too high for my liking (each chandelier ring was about 6000 triangles, I think, I can't remember exactly). Instead I baked these spheres down onto a plane, and did it that way. So far it's looking alright, Mike came in earlier and said it was convincing so I'm happy with it for now.

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber. Tomorrow I'm going to work on the geometry textures for the Dining Hall, and finish up that bar for the lounge so it can be imported back into the scene!

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